Your lawyer in Bergen and Hordaland

Advokatfirmaet S-A-N as is a law firm which offers services within family law. We are located in Bergen.

We focuse is on the following fields og practice :

  • The rights of parents and their children e.g. in contact with the Child Welfare Services
  • Family Inheritance
  • Property relations between spouses
  • Legal advice
  • Litigation

Advokatfirmaet S-A-N as have been giving help to people with many nationalities both from Africa, Asia, The United States of America and several Europian contries. We try to help everyone in the best way, based on each clients needs at all time.

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Advokatfirmaet S-A-N as
C/o Åse Berg Nordheim
Søndre Lyderhornslien 60
5171 Loddefjord

Mobilphone: +47 481 33 202